Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Reece's Aide Not Aiding Police

Peter Bronson has a good column (hell is not freezing over, yet) on Brandon Elliott, Reece's community outreach representative, who was caught in the crossfire of a recent shooting incident. He is not stepping up to help police catch the shooter.
The staffer, Brandon Elliott, is not talking, and all questions have been referred to Reece, said her spokeswoman at City Hall.

Elliott is also refusing to cooperate with the investigation, Reece acknowledged. "I hear he is willing to cooperate if they catch somebody, but my understanding is it's his personal choice."

She said Elliott is afraid to cooperate for now because someone might retaliate against him or his mother. She said he would not talk to the media because he was at home on pain medication for the shooting injury.
If a politician can't get a member of her staff to take action against a crime committed against them, how as mayor will she be able to get the public to take action and work with police to catch the criminals plaguing neighborhoods? Reece and her aide have let down the city. I hope Mr. Elliott has changed his view on working with police after this column has made Reece looking totally ineffectual as a leader.

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