Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hackett vs. Schmidt Debate

This was I believe their second debate. The newspaper gives the impression that things got a bit testy. The picture suggests, I hope incorrectly, that there was really bad blood between these two. Any truth to that?

Hackett really has some good momentum going. Will it be enough to win? Well, we are less than a week out, and now is the time to put the money to use. I expect there will be a flood of TV ads from both candidates. The phone banks will be rocking and the shoes will be worn thin. The energy is clearly in the Hackett campaign. Schmidt does not instill much from her base. The battle now is on getting out the vote.

The country is now watching this campaign. National news outlets have been spotted around campaign events. It likely will get more attention as things go on. I hope Hackett can pull this off. It is still on paper a long shot, but I am confident Schmidt will not win "big." She can in no way get Portman numbers in this district, even with it redrawn to favor the GOP.

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