Friday, July 08, 2005

Blame the Liberals!!!!

It is so sad to read the ignorant Letters to the editor:
"Public's support must not waver

Unfortunately terrorist attacks are a sad part of the 21st century. However, how America presents itself is critical. The terrorists know they cannot defeat us in a traditional sense but believe they can beat us in the public opinion arena.. Remember Vietnam! When will the Democrats in Congress and other liberals stop worrying about the treatment of the enemy combatants and start presenting a united front, with President Bush, against all terrorists?

Ronald P. Heile

Pleasant Ridge"
Let me translate: "They are out to get Us. Liberals are to blame it Bush can't do things all alone." I guess the terrorists when every time I say 'Bush sucks?'

Bush fucking sucks. Does that count double for this mythical game of "War" we are playing here on the homefront? I mean we can't question the motive, actions of Bush in public, that might help the "enemy." Who the enemy is depends on who Bush wants to attack next.

What I say does not affect the City of Cincinnati let alone terrorists in Saudi Arabia (remember that terrorist haven?). If a congressman is trying to make sure that our military does not become the same as the military under Saddam, then they not only are fighting for the country, they are fighting for truth and honor, which as a human being rank higher than who wins a war. Survival is not at stake. Republicans and Conservatives might do some good and understand that neither Iraq nor the War on Terror is like World War II. People like Mr. Heile seems to think it does, and makes fun of comparisons to Vietnam.

I have not spent any time on the right wing news outlets/blogs after the London attacks, but I wonder if they are angry and looking to carpet bomb someone. Nothing makes peace like a war, after all.

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