Monday, July 11, 2005

Private Jets vs. Paddlefest Champ?

Who would you rather have as your Representative to Congress: Someone who flies on a corporate jet to Washington DC during the campaign to shoot a commercial or someone who wins a race at Paddlefest, a race that runs on the Ohio right along the congressional district?

Sure, this will not sway many, who like me vote based on issue stances and ideologies, but the campaigning approach and style should be considered. Paul Hackett is campaigning for votes here in the District, while Jean Schmidt is off in DC looking for money and pretending to be a Congresswoman. She should earn the seat, not be awarded it because of political party.

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  1. Paul Hackett in my opinion would be an excellent congressman. Jean Schmidt is a corrupt vile women who, like all republicans, cares only for the rich. She, like all republicans, wants to cut taxes BUT those tax cuts are focused at the wealthy 1% of Americans who back her campaign. Jean Schmidt is an idiot she has made so many blunders and the only reason she will be elected is because of the Congressional District she is running in. She wants to bring in MEGA FARMS, the second congressional district is in a farming community and in a farming state. She also tried to counter Paul Hackett's military record by stating her nephew was thinking of joining the military, BIG DEAL!!! Paul Hackett on the other hand has made gain after gain and destroyed Schmidt in the debate. He wants to raise taxes on the upper classes, protect farming communities, create an exit strategy for the idiotic war in Iraq, and bring more jobs to the district. Schmidt is in trouble and on August 2nd will pull off a narrow victory of Hackett. Hackett has a chance of winning and hopefully will. He is beginning to raise money and recieve endorsements from other Democrats across the nation. On August 2nd I hope the people of the 2nd Congressional District make the right choice and VOTE HACKETT!!!


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