Monday, August 23, 2004


It appears pointless to me to protest the Freedom Center at this point. I mean protesting the fact that money was spent to build it at this point is really rather useless. One can complain about certain aspects of it, it's purpose, it's message, it's lionization of local financial supporters, etc.

All Damon Lynch's group seems to be really doing is taking advantage of the presence of the national press. It's the media stupid. That is the driving force over the timing of most any protest that occurs on what ever topic.

At this point I think Damon Lynch would have done a service to this entire community by embracing the Freedom Center. I know that would be seen as "selling out to the man," but if wants to get elected or more importantly if he really wants to integrate the people he represents into the mainstream of the city, then he has to stop driving wedges between blacks and whites.

This does assume he wants to integrate people into one society, and he does not share the goals of Boycott B.

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