Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Give a read to Kathy Wilson's article in this week's City Beat on 1230 the Buzz. It has a great profile of Jeri Tolliver, who I must admit I thought was younger than she is. I hope she does not take that negatively, but I would have put here in her mid thirties, not over 40.

This profile leaves out some of the Buzz's problems. It still has a huge deficit in production quality. It still has whole lot of racism on the air, not only from callers but also from many weekend hosts. Things have improved now that most of Boycott B folks don’t get on the air right away, but when racism is put forth there is often no rebuttal from some of the hosts. On WLW blatant racism is met with mockery and harsh retort, on the Buzz it is all too often treated with an “oh my goodness” or “don’t go there.” It would show more civic quality if the hosts had a policy to stamp out racism in any form, no matter who says it, even if it is a favorite caller or popular weekend or late evening host. The daily hosts are good, but on the weekend they often seem to put anyone on the air who either will pay enough money, or just can speak and push buttons.

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