Tuesday, August 31, 2004

GOP Convention Follies

So far we have gotten lots and lots of attacks on Kerry from the GOP speakers. Well, I guess the positive party sees attacking someone as a civil thing to do. Please remind the GOP that if they are going to claim to be the positive party that they might want to live up to it.

Also Rudy Giuliani put his foot in his mouth:
"That is what the Republican Party does best when we are at our best, we extend freedom."
Well, except if you are a homosexual, an atheist, a woman, an immigrant, a Muslim, or poor. Well, on second thought you are free to be poor all you want, just don't expect a society that will help you, unless you give yourself over to a religious group.

Republicans extend freedom as long as you comply with their dogma. Be a non-conformists and you might as well be from France in their eyes.

The funny part is that a large number of Conservative Republicans would not disagree with me that much on what they stand for. Some will, and do so very badly, but far to many feel otherwise.

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