Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Bronson 'Drunk'?

Bronson must have been drunk when he quoted this:
He had three Purple Hearts and never lost time in a hospital. That's what we've been talking about. These guys know about Purple Hearts and they wonder if Kerry is lying.
Gee Peter Why don't you ask someone what they think about Bush's "honesty" about where he was during 1972? Or ask them why he failed to get a physical to keep on flying in the National Guard?

Peter, why don't you tell them that you supposedly agreed with Kerry about Vietnam and protested against it?

Peter's chicken hawk status looks big when he spews this gem:
Maybe Kerry should quit telling colorized war stories about Vietnam and tell us which Kerry is reporting for duty in the war on terrorism - hero or hippie?
Bronson, did you serve? I love how idiots today bitch about supporting the troops and value service, yet when someone who did his duty, was wounded in battle is then questioned about it only because he is running for office. The same people ignore their candidate's lack of honest about his "service" in the military where he saw no combat and at a minimum was given easy duty so he could work for a political campaign.

This is what makes me sick. People are this stupid to value this kind of crap, yet when the person has the values they want (combat experience) they deny it was real, but ignore that their guy never was even close to seeing combat.

Will Bronson go see Kerry speak now? I doubt it. Will the Enquirer provide a commentary about Kerry Speech as biased and pro-Kerry as Bronson's was? Hell No. Kerry will be luck to get a photo shoot like the Enquirer gave Bush's visit. At least they did give a little coverage to the Vets protesting. Best picture had a Vets for Kerry protestor holding up a sign saying "Mr. President, Here is my DD214, where is yours?"

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