Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Mike Allen's Political Career Is Over

No one can say that for sure but admitting you've had a 3 1/2 year affair with someone who works for him, well that is big time shit. No conservative family values man can live through that, and expect to run for office again. He will be lucky not be run out of town on a rail. Now, I am sure his defenders will support him, yell Bill Clinton's name a few hundred times, and quote scripture. That will not do much good. Any respectable candidate could smash Allen, who will now likely have to trash his former lover, while he may be open to ethics violations or possibly even worse.

Allen's public statements came because he reportedly believes he is about to be sued, presumably for something along the lines of sexual harassment or a hostile work environment.

I now open up speculation about who will be the next Hamilton County Prosecutor. Would Cranley or Pepper want that instead of mayor? Pat DeWine? I think all three are lawyers.

Most funny of all is that Mike Allen is working for the Bush Campaign getting ready for next week's GOP convention in NY. I would love to see his face every time a speaker says family or values from the podium.

More from The Cincinnati Post, include his full statement.

UPDATE: Clarification, Mike is up for office this November, and shockingly he made this announcement after no one else could get on the ballot. He is so very honest and straightforward. How we all can feel good that the man elected to prosecute the law is good at lying to his family. Being a good liar is something public officials, especially lawyers, can really take pride in doing well.


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