Sunday, August 08, 2004

Hillary Treatment?

Will Alan Keyes get the same kind of threatment many conservatives gave Hillary Clinton when she moved to New York to run for senate? You don't need to even bother holding your breath, because no he will not. He was picked because he was black. I guess the GOP think they can just run a black candidate against another black candidate and that will somehow make the black community happy. I think it instead will piss many Illinois blacks off, especially those who would have been voting for the GOP candidate. Why the GOP thinks that he will be able to connect with anyone in the state in three months time is beyond me. Why didn't they try and promote a local official who can run and keep his current office? That guy can at least set up a future run at a statewide level next election cycle. This is just a way to get a little attention with someone who knows how to get cameras on him. Keyes is too extreme to win any state outside of the south, and could not win there because he is black.

Keyes has no shot at winning. He will have to rely on the GOP's all ready weakened infrastructure in Illinois.

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