Sunday, August 22, 2004

Woman Shot at Black Family Reunion

A 26 year old woman was reportedly shot inside Sawyer Park during the Black Family Reunion last night. A suspect was taken into custody and the weapon reportedly was located.

It is horrible that an event that is meant to bring families together was hit by violence. This incident was the worst at the event, but reports indicated that unsupervised young people (mostly teenagers?) where getting out of hand. This is similar to what happen in 2002, but with the gun violence takes on a whole different level of concern.

The local media coverage I felt was good in showing adults at the family reunion very upset about the security situation and the teenagers left with out structure to get out of hand. WCPO's report was lacking in a basic element: what happened to the shooting victim? WKRC had the facts and reported it as the lead correctly.

WLWT had no story and I guess the Sunday Paper goes to bed really really early on Saturday night. This incident happened before 7PM.

The Enquirer looks foolish with its story that has the sub-headline of "Black Reunion: 'One big happy family'." Timing makes this look worse than it was, but that is what happens in the game of news perceptions.

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