Monday, August 02, 2004

Luken's Out

So who is left and what are their chances?

  1. Mark Mallory only gains by having one less Democrat to crowd the field. I don't see a huge gain for him with Luken's departure.
  2. David Pepper gains the most from Luken dropping out. He gains some money, as if he really needs it, but gains business leaders with influence.
  3. Mark Painter gains the conservatives, which will be big.
  4. Alicia Reece is likely not going to run, which was fairly obvious as soon as Mallory got into the race.
  5. Charlie Winburn has been really quite since his supporters where wearing the Winburn for Mayor t-shirts at Board of Elections back in 2003.

Wes Flinn and Nick Spencer have more.

Also from the Post, WLWT, WKRC, and WCPO.

UPDATE: This announcement nicely drowned out coverage of the CCA's report on the Nathaniel Jones Death.

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