Thursday, August 05, 2004

An Ignorant Bigot

The title of this post could be considered an oxymoron, but this letter the editor of the Enquirer illustrates the title well:
Gay marriage could lead to polygamy
The writer of the Aug. 4 'Your voice' column ('Gay marriage - what's all the fuss?') and anyone else who wonders 'gay marriage - what's all the fuss?' needs to read their Bible and Marriage Under Fire by James Dobson. Gay marriage will destroy the traditional family that God created from the beginning of time. When people say yes to gay marriage, who can say no to polygamy?

Not many can say that polygamy is good for families. What will happen to children when gay parents divorce? Will they have to deal with four mommies and four daddies? Whatever happened to the argument and documented fact that children need both a father and a mother to grow up developmentally healthy?

Lisa Gilbert
West Chester Township
Well Lisa, could you tell me how gay married could lead to this things? Can you provide any evidence? Anything? It you fear the law being cloudy, then put into the law that marriage should be between two people. Oh, and you forgot something Lisa, polygamy is not outlawed in that Bible you mention. The rest of your theocratic crap is fine for your church, but not for our government. Your bigot leader James Dobson does not have to perform Gay Marriages, but he should not get to keep other from doing it.

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