Sunday, January 18, 2004

More on Police and the "N-Word"

Peter Bronson writes today on Police Officer Jeff Butler and his alledged use of the "N-Word." Bronson goes on with a personal experience of meeting the officer and going on patrol with him 10 years ago. He claims the word in question is not even the "N-Word." I don't know what the truth on that is, but it is funny how his take is so different.

I was most amused by Peter's attack on CityBeat:
Councilman John Cranley said different versions of the tape may not be as clear. So he invited me to listen to the Smitherman tape, which came from the cop-bashing alternative weekly CityBeat. It sounded like the tape I got from the Cincinnati Police. I still heard "native.''
"Cop-bashing"? How exactly does that figure? CityBeat dares to question the actions of police and they are "cop-bashing?" Now, CityBeat is not a conservative publication. They are very leftist. That is not questionable, but to call them "cop-bashing" just because they don't get on their knees for the police? Maybe when (or if) Peter stops bashing homosexuality, he might be taken seriously.

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