Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Bronson Makes Sense?

Peter Bronson's column makes a little sense today, or rather he makes points that no one else is pointing out. In last week's council meeting Peter reports that the following council members made the following contradictions:
Newbie Chris Smitherman blasted the human relations budget, but director Cecil Thomas said nobody even called to ask any questions.

Laketa Cole insisted that slicing a quarter of the commission's budget was not a cut.

Sam Malone promised voters he would work to stop the violence - then voted to gut an agency that's actually trying.
Most surprising at all, Bronson criticized Sam Malone. I tip my hat to Peter for the across the board criticism.

Peter however made Vice Mayor Alicia Reece the focus of his scorn:
But the uncongeniality award went to Vice Mayor Alicia Reece, who introduced the sketchy idea to take $100,000 from the commission to fight black-on-black homicides. She insulted council members, then called for unity. She invited questions, then cut them cold. She shot down compromises, then complained council did nothing.

She insinuated rejection was a race thing. But white council members have thrown millions at programs to prove they are sensitive on race. They just haven't done much that works.

Her motion failed because it was a sloppy proposal presented like a ransom note. Reece is charming in person, but sometimes runs meetings like the bossy kid nobody wants to play with.
Well, in some many words Bronson's assessment agrees with mine that Alicia Reece is the Queen of political Grandstanding in the City of Cincinnati.

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