Thursday, January 22, 2004

Ohio Senate passes gay-marriage ban

Theocratic double speak never fails to offend:
State Rep. Bill Seitz, a Green Township Republican who sponsored the bill, said he was 'elated' at the prospect of Ohio being the 38th state to pass the Defense of Marriage Act. 'It's gigantic step toward strengthening the traditional view of marriage,' Seitz said.
How do you defend marriage when half of them end divorce? If the theocratic bigots want to "defend marriage," why don't they ban divorce?

What? Hmmm? You say that banning divorce would make half of the conservative politicians look bad with their prior divorces? Well, they can't pass an ex post facto law, so they can force the rest of us to live in bad marriages if they want. What better way to promote marriage by forcing bad ones from ending and preventing certain people from marrying?

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