Sunday, January 11, 2004

Ignorant Old Man

The Enquirer has a guest column from a WWII veteran who attacks the media for making a big deal out of the number of "causalities" in the Iraq war. Robert E. Johnson is correct when he says the number of dead pales in comparison to the people lost in WWII or the Civil War. What Mr. Johnson seems to be being missing is the media's play of "causalities." The media does report deaths in Iraq. Deaths of soldiers that is. Very little is reported on the non-fatal casualties. NPR did an excellent report, "Measuring Cost of Iraq War," on the number of casualties in the war on Iraq. I would suggest Mr. Johnson ponder for a minute the absence of the thousands of wounded men on the TV screen. We don't see the men without limbs, or men blinded. We do see a President walking around without a care in world.

For a running count of Military deaths and woundings, check out As of now 495 U.S. Military deaths (591 total) and 2,849 U.S. woundings.

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