Friday, January 16, 2004

2007: End of the Cincinnati Post?

The Enquirer and Post have announced that Gannett has not renewed the JOA (joint operation agreement) with Scripps to publish the Post. This has been rumored for years. The rest of the rumor is that the Post will remain as the Kentucky Post and serve Northern Kentucky. I would not be surprised if Scripps gives this a try. I am not sure how I like it. It would be good for those living in NKY, but I don't know if it would help news coverage on this side of the river. If the Enquirer gives up on NKY, then it might help some, but I don't see the Enquirer giving up anything, so they will try and compete with the KY Post and let Cincinnati-Ohio coverage suffer. Basically the City will get screwed. The Post will cover NKY and the Enquirer will cover the suburbs, leaving the actually city of Cincinnati to be treated like the black sheep of the family. Some might say that "black sheep" is more literal than my simile suggests. I don't know, but urbanists are not the sought after demographic of the Enquirer.

Wes Flinn links to this as well and asks if we noticed anything odd? I can only assume he means that both stories are almost word for word the same article, minus the opening paragraph or two.

More Coverage: Yahoo, Editor & Publisher, WCPO, Reuters, Washington Business Journal, and CNN.

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