Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Theocratic Fascism At Home

The Fascist in Chief of Hamilton County Speaks.
Leis spoke about crime and the courts, obscenity and pornography, abortion and same-sex marriages - issues he feels plague America.

His theme: Over-tolerance propagated by a too-liberal media is wrecking the family values of Cincinnati and America.

"As prosecutor and sheriff, I enforce obscenity laws, and on many occasions I have been made an object of ridicule by the media," Leis said. "I will never compromise my beliefs on this issue."
Well, I for one don't to disappoint the expectations of the sheriff. As a fledging member of the media I openly mock you Simon Leis. You are a bigot, fascist, oppressive jack-booted thug out to force your religion and your own laws on Hamilton County. Keep your theocracy to yourself, and instead of attacking those you are supposed to protect (like me), why don't you work to make new friends, instead of alienating those of us who don't share your brand of fire and brimstone. Be the sheriff, don't be a crusader.

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