Sunday, January 18, 2004

First Blood

Well, there was no blood, but there was a shoving match at a political rally in Iowa. College Dems were holding a rally and the College Republicans choose to disrupt it. One GOPer even pushed Joan Jett, who was performing at the rally. This was luckily not serious, but this kind of thing is going to happen all year long. I was hoping tension and anger between parties was not that high at this point, but I was wrong. Things are going to only get worse. I guess the laid back YR were absent that day.

Pictures and first hand background on the rally.

[Link Via Atrios]

UPDATE: Wes Flinn Comments.

UPDATE#2: Radio Free Newport comments on Freeper hate mail to Margaret Cho. Now, when I say hate mail, make sure so emphasize the hate. I could not believe that level of bigotry and ignorance that flowed when she was misquoted while speaking at a event.

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