Friday, January 09, 2004

Local Blog Round-Up

Notes from Ground Level: Greg Mann comments on today's Maggie Downs column. I did make some resolutions. I will try to write better, maintain my weight (lose 10 more lbs. if possible), and actually finish the outline to my novel this year. I know I will not keep these fully, but I picked things that I am constantly working on, so any effort means “success” towards these resolutions.

Rantophilia: Michael covers the up coming new space exploration initiative. I really would love to send men to Mars and back to the Moon. The Problem here is that 1) Bush knows this plan is dead in congress. There is no money for it. 2) Bush will likely make a big hoopla over it and then try to get the private sector to do it, which no private group will take on. This kind of big project will only work with government backing. No corporation can make their short-term profits (something they can’t live without) from this kind of long-term investment. I really wish I could support Bush's plan, but I see it as an election year ruse that he knows will not get off the ground, literally.

Queen City Soapbox: Ethan Hahn brings up the new immigration policy. I see this as Bush pulling a Clinton, again. He is using Dick Morris's triangulation trick. Get the far right wing pissed, but gain some of the centrist voters because you appear to be moderate. I am not sure if it will work. This act might keep some of rabid rightists at home; enough to offset any gains Bush might get from Latinos and Centrists gained from adopting this new policy.

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