Sunday, January 11, 2004

Peter Ignores the Truth

Mr. Bronson is missing something about why the Maisonette is having troubles, and I think he missed it on purpose. He mentioned convention business is not what it was. I wonder why, Peter! You don't suppose that the convention boycott started in reaction to Article XII, the anti-homosexual charter amendment? Peter, you don't suppose that gay friendly organizations that might come to Cincinnati for a convention might just be big customer for restaurants like the Maisonette?

I think Peter has more to do with the failure of the Maisonette then he would like to admit. His advocacy for groups like the CCV and their theocratic agenda helped Phil Burress get his anti-gay ballot issue passed. Also, Peter's regular laments on the crime rate in Cincinnati, and the fear mongering that follows, creating a myth that is followed by the ignorant suburbanite. Peter has done more than anyone to drive fear into the suburbs. Why would they want to be near the gays and blacks? "They" might actually talk to a Hummer Driver, and "we all" know that is just unacceptable. (Cough, Cough)

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