Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Ohio Key to GOP

Bush has to win Ohio or he is toast. That will become evident on Wednesday when Bush visits Ohio first after the SOTU. Here is Bush's Danger summed up by Rep. Steve Chabot:
Bush will urge Congress to restrain the growth of federal spending, something Rep. Steve Chabot says he hears complaints about from his constituents all the time.

"I think we've allowed spending to grow at far too rapid a pace. And that's a danger," said Chabot, a Westwood Republican. "Thus far the Congress hasn't been willing or able to face up to it. The president has also been remiss in emphasizing controls on the spending."
Bush and Chabot can't honestly blame the Democrats for this. I am sure they will try, and I am sure they will claim the Dems will increase spending more than they will, but that might be a moot argument if the public finally grasps the 500 billion dollar deficit created by Bush and the GOP Congress.

Maybe someone can give Peter Bronson a lesson in trickle down economics: When the Federal government cuts revenue to the states, caps services, then guess what falls on the states? If Blackwell gets his cuts, then the cities and counties will bore the expenses. I guess Peter's goal is once he gets the wall build around West Chester he can put off ever having a municipal income tax by keeping out the poor people.

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