Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Damon Lynch: Liar?

Greg Korte is reporting that on 2003 campaign reports Damon Lynch listed Timberland Drive in Woodlawn as his residence on his contribution of 1,000 to himself. Now, it is possible that this contribution was actually from Damon Lynch IV not the III. Lynch IV is now awaiting trial for theft. If his son gave him the money, then where did that money come from?

All unlikely speculation aside here, Damon Lynch should be investigated for perjury. He was under oath when he testified before the board of elections. I assume the board actually had him testify, and did not let his attorney speak for him, which would have been a brilliant move for Ken Lawson, Lynch's attorney, to make. If he "moved" back to Woodlawn during the campaign he would not have been a valid candidate.

I wonder if Mike Allen has the balls to go after Lynch. Don't hold your breath. I am sure Mike would love to put Damon Lynch on trial, but he has no intention of feeding Lynch's savior complex with tangible fodder. Allen will let this transgression pass. No one will care that Lynch was given special treatment because of who he is.

UPDATE: Greg Mann has analysis and thinks Korte and I are making to much out of mostly nothing.

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