Thursday, January 15, 2004

Bronson Boo Hoo!

Peter Bronson is lamenting the United Way's cut in funding to the Boy Scouts. He believes that it is because of the bigoted views adhered to by the Boy Scouts keeping homosexuals out of the organization. Peter does not, I assume, that the bigoted views of the Boy Scouts are bigoted. He thinks they are either valid or their own business. If he thinks being bigoted against homosexuals is the right thing for the Boy Scouts, then well, his opinions are moot. They are predicated on beliefs that are contrary to what the United Way stand for: helping everyone. How can they help everyone when they exclude groups that exclude people based on a trait that has no bearing on what they do. It is a simple idea in play here. Bigotry is not reward or supported by the Cincinnati United Way. Politics are such that they can't punish groups totally in this region, where anti-homosexual views are common. Combined with a bigger need in other areas the United Way cut out funding for the Boy Scouts. That is life. If Peter wants them to have more money, then I suggest he and the CCV start hold bake sales.

I have to ask Peter a question, how much do Christian charities support AiDs research or support for victims? I bet most conservative Christian groups do not give a penny to help fight AiDs. I am sure there are exceptions or specific groups that do help all people dying from disease, but I mean groups that the CCV and Bronson would trumpet.

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