Friday, January 09, 2004

Louisville Mini-Riot

After a fatal shooting of a black man in Louisville protestors rioted and broke windows of Louisville Chief Robert White's office. I wonder if any Cincinnati boycotters/rioters joined the fray? The protest had a reported 400 people, but reports indicate that 60 had to be forced out of the area after the permitted protest time.

It is 'nice' to see that Damon Lynch's counter part, Rev. Louis Coleman of the Justice Resource Center, did little to condemn or stop the rioters:
"I admire their willingness to stand up," Coleman said, adding that he encouraged the youth to express their anger in a different way.

"The young people got us to the table tonight," Coleman said, referring to the meeting with White.
So rioting got Rev. Coleman to the table. Great thing to teach the young people: be violent and they will notice. Great plan Rev. Coleman, I am sure that will go along way to help reduce tensions. Nothing can calm racial tensions like a good riot. (cough, cough) (Nate, Make sure you copy this part of the post too... I want to make sure people know that I don't steal them from my own site and post them on yours)

Other coverage: Enquirer, WLKY, ABC-AP.

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