Friday, January 09, 2004

CityBeat Subpoena

Do we have a new King of Grandstanding at City Hall? Is Chris "Big Boss Man" Smitherman out of the gate with too much oomph? If the DOJ will not Subpoena Bob Novak on the Plume affair, then what good will it do to try and Leslie Blade to reveal her sources? Since Christopher is the "Boss" of the police, why doesn’t he just call in the police chief and get him to investigate his own department? Better, yet, call the FBI. The FBI will not bother being "friendly" with Chief Streicher.

I think Councilman Smitherman might be watching to Much C-SPAN. The C-SPAN bus was in town yesterday, but that does not mean they are going to broadcast the council meeting. I am not sure if Chris can really compete with the Queen of Grandstanding, Vice Mayor Alicia Reece, but if he keeps this up he might come close. He might win be default if the Queen advocates for higher office.

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