Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Never Know Who You Will Run Into

What do you do when you put an issue of CinWeekly to bed? Well, tonight you go to the Dubliner in Pleasant Ridge and play trivia. I am a semi regular trivia player there myself and along with our crew I was just playing along when I was approached by a man.

Now, you have to realize something that might be obvious. I am a rather bland and nondescript person, well at least outside of the blogosphere. I doubt my writing tone or style matches my face. With that in mind I was approached by Beryl Love, editor of CinWeekly. He wanted to introduce himself to me and wanted me to meet the rest of the staff who were playing the trivia game in the next room.

I have to admit I was surprised to be recognized. My mug is not exactly front-page fodder, but they knew me. I was introduced to the staff of CinWeekly, traded a few friendly jabs, and went on my way. I felt a slight bit of guilt. They were of course nice folks, not so different from anyone else. I have ridden their publication fairly hard since its inception. My guilt was short lived however. Criticism is not usually personal, and with CinWeekly it surely is not.

What was more impressive was that their team finished 2nd in the game. My team finished 4th. I was hoping to rub in an opposite outcome, but I guess their ace in the hole kept them ahead. That ace was the source of their team name: "Where the hell is Tom?" Tom was Tom Callinan, editor of the Enquirer. Tom had a few problems finding the Dubliner. I think someone needs to buy Tom a map of the city, or better yet maybe Gannett can spring for an installation of OnStar in his car.

Most of the staff appears to have read or regularly read the blog, so I would have been remiss not to mention our meeting. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. I hope they don't have to work early tomorrow.

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