Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Race Relations On Council: Bad or Just a Means to an End?

Ok, there are various ways to spin this, but I will take a cynical view, of course. Alicia Reece is full of shit. Tuesday's debate covered in the Post during the Council Subcommittee meeting showed that playing the race card is still an old hat for some political climbers:
Some Council members were angered about the tenor of Tuesday's debate on the proposal, alleging Reece unnecessarily injected race into the political debate over its merits.

The decision, Reece had said, would be an indicator about whether Council supports Cincinnati's black community.

"It's wrong and it's unjust," Crowley said. "If in fact she persists in that stance, I think it's grossly unfair. I would hope she would tone that down."
Now, if David Crowley, the most pro-black non-black person on council, has to say that, then something is wrong. Some might even say David Crowley is the most pro-black person on council, period.

Reece's plan seems like classic grandstanding. Let's give money to some groups who claim to want to do something to stop the black on black crime. Whether or not these groups have any proven track record is beyond the point.

Reece says the "Administration" can approve who gets their share of the $100,000 to start a program. I wonder how much pressure and influence members of council will put on the individuals in the Administration to accept the proposals of people that support that councilmember. Did Reece think this kind of plan work well with LaShawn Pettus-Brown?

What I found interesting was the debate of the details of the Reece Plan. The 5 non-black council members want some details, any details would be a start. I would guess the 3 black non-Alicia members of council would also like details on this plan. Reece seemed to care more about leaping before she looked:
"We have to go where the kids are," Reece said. "This is designed to get something on the streets and get it going quickly."
What is "this" and what is the "design" of it? How Alicia Reece (or her father) thinks she has the skills to move on to higher office is a mystery. Looks are not good for as many votes as one might think. Grandstanding is the only arrow in her quiver. The more she uses it, the duller its tip gets.

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