Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Flight Landing Into Cincinnati with 'Persons of Interest' On Board

WCPO and WLW are reporting that a Plane from France might have suspected terrorists on board. Some reports are that fighter jets are escorting the flight.

UPDATE: "Terrorists" was too strong of a term, and was edited. This might be much ado about nothing, but no one is taking any chances. WLW has live coverage.

UPDATE#2: FOX coverage, and WLWT's report.

UPDATE#3: 3:47PM - Flight is reported to have Landed in Cincinnati. CNN's has story on the incident and reports the plane was escorted by fighter jets. Here downtown a larger than usual number of commercial jets few over downtown in the last 20 minutes.

UPDATE:#4 3:57 PM - WLW is reporting that about 12 law enforcement officials boarded the plane before any passengers deplaned. The plane is away from the main terminal towards the DHL hanger.

UPDATE:#5 4:02 PM - The Enquirer has a story. Some people are starting to leave the plane at this point, but not in mass.

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