Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Digging a Hole

The City of Mason has dug a deeper hole. Yep, that's how you attract positive feedback from bigots, appeal to their bigotry.

Classic line:
"It's sound, valid and within the constitutional provisions," Schneider said of the policy.
In 1861 so was slavery. In 1918 so was preventing women from voting. Sure, people still don't think homosexuals deserve any consideration, but actions like this, even as small as it is, are discrimination and oppressive and thanks to the CCV legal.

UPDATE 7:15PM: In hopes of driving home my point, and not beating a dead horse, let me pose this idea: What if a couple was not considered a family because they were not married in a Christian Church by an approved minister? That is the basic anti-homosexual marriage point anyway, it is about religion and its views on homosexuality. What if Mormon marriages were not considered valid? What if Jewish or Catholic or Church of Scientology marriages were written into law as invalid? I see no difference with this situation.

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