Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Si Leis to DeWine: Resign

There's and old sheriff in town and he's looking for attention. He is also looking for payback. I will surmise that Leis is hitting DeWine not only for trying leave his new office less than 3 months from taking it, but for also firing Krings.

I am really torn on this one. Leis is a theocratic fascist’s dream sheriff. Phil Burress must get off every time he sees the sheriff’s parade floats. On this issue though, Leis makes some sense. I didn't vote for DeWine, but they guy was elected just last year, and now is looking to skip town for the Hill. That should mean he would at least stay around for a few years. As far as Republicans go though, I feel DeWine is the lesser of evils. He showed some backbone in his criticism of the police. If I had a nuclear bomb to my head and I had to choose which type of Republican I could live with, which is enough to make me want the nuke to go off sometimes, I would pick a DeWine type over Chabot for sure and even over Portman. Portman was not the worst in the world, but he comes across as a yes man. Pat DeWine is at least less of a yes man.

If the Dems have someone who can beat him, no one seems to know who it is. Please, Please, Please make it someone credible (not Sanders).

Also, I have been getting two sets of answers as to the structure of the special election. One says primaries, the other says no primaries. If I had time, I would research it. If anyone has done that, and has links to support it, pass it on to everyone.

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