Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bronson Steps Back, a Bit

I will give Bronson credit for appearing a little bit humble by airing UAW beefs with his column from Sunday. He did this part because he got some of the health benefit specifics wrong about who got what for health benefits. In the prior column he wrote:
According to industry reports, the United Auto Workers contract costs GM $2,500 for each car sold. Toyota spends $2,000 less per car - and it shows in cars that don't look as cheap.

And $1,600 of that union cost is health care for UAW members and their families. They pay just $5 for an eye exam, and $7.50 for glasses or contacts. Until this year, many UAW members had never even heard of co-pays and deductibles.

Chrysler spends $2 billion on health care. Ford spends $3 billion. GM spends $5.6 billion for 1.1 million workers, retirees and dependents.
His mea culpa, or what amounted to one was:
Others wanted to know where to find those $5 eye exams and $7.50 glasses for UAW members. "Maybe you need a pair," they said.

I'm hereby announcing a recall of that line, to install a missing part: "Those benefits are for Chrysler workers."
Didn't Sports reporter Mitch Albom get suspended by his newspaper for making a mistake like this one? I guess Peter's punishment is having to write this second column, which I will say is fair for the level of failure. Peter must have the same research assistant as Al Roker.

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