Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Taking Jeffre Seriously?

I am not sure if Greg Korte is forcing himself or was forced by the PTB to take Singer Justin Jeffre serious as a candidate for Mayor. At this point I still do not take it that seriously. This article illustrates that Jeffre has what can be described as an eclectic political point of view. He pushed for Nader, but did not vote for president in 2000. He has never voted in a city election. He might think he is serious, but he has yet to demonstrate it.

He might be smart to seek the Charter endorsement, and Charter might be crazy enough to give it. With Smitherman out, Charter only has Tarbell left to run for them, unless Curtis Fuller wants another bite at the apple. Jeffre might end up a Charterite. I will not wait with baited breath.

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