Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Primary for Portman Seat

In this news article, which I think I linked to last month, it indicates there will be a primary for the Portman congressional seat no less than 15 days prior to the special election. The relevant sections of the law are:
§ 3521.03. Vacancy in office of congressman.

When a vacancy in the office of representative to congress occurs, the governor, upon satisfactory information thereof, shall issue a writ of election directing that a special election be held to fill such vacancy in the territory entitled to fill it on a day specified in the writ. Such writ shall be directed to the board of elections within such territory which shall give notice of the time and places of holding such election as provided in section 3501.03 of the Revised Code. Such election shall be held and conducted and returns thereof made as in case of a regular state election.
and this section:
§ 3513.32. Primaries for special elections.

When a special election is found necessary to fill a vacancy, the date of the primary election shall be fixed at the same time and in the same manner as that of the election, by the authority calling such special election. The primary election shall be held at least fifteen days prior to the time fixed for such special election. Declaration of candidacy and certificates for such primary shall be filed and fees shall be paid at least ten days before the date for holding such primary election.

A primary election preceding a special election to fill a vacancy in an office shall be eliminated if no valid declaration of candidacy is filed for such office, or if the number of persons filing such declarations of candidacy as candidates of one political party does not exceed the number of candidates which such political party is entitled to nominate for election to such office.
If correct then the Dems might as well run Sanders at this point. The time frame needed to win against a name like DeWine will be very difficult to surpass. The only hope is putting up a strong candidate and hope for damaged goods to come out of the primary and then with National money flood the area with a TV/radio/phone/mail push. If party loyalty wins out, which is this district it likely will if only one GOP candidate is on the ballot, than the Democrats can likely not break the 50% mark. Anything can happen though. A third party candidate or pissed off right-winger may just ignore the primary and challenge DeWine in the special election directly. Tom Brinkman, that’s you buddy, right up your alley!

Thanks to ‘GM’ for the Ohio Code information.

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