Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Painful for Downtown

The loss of the Maisonette for Downtown will bring cheers in many quarters. Nate will jump for joy, one less white owned business to picket. Bronson will smile with glee, one more place of culture that will not be where those damn liberals live. He still will not go there unless someone else picks up the check. The rest of us will sigh and shake our heads with the usual disgust and disappointment in the city and in the region failing to work together. This morning we shall learn where it goes. Another location in the city has not bee ruled out, but no money has been promised by council. If it ends up in the city, someone else gave them a deal. Since there are few who care to do that, it will likely be going to NKY or a Suburban Mall.

UPDATE - 7PM: The Maisonette is going to Kenwood, fairly close to the Kenwood Mall. Will they totally loose all of the Downtown big-wig clients, celebrities, and tourists? Who would drive up to Kenwood for that? Are they instead going for Indian Hill crowd and hope for more frequent diners?

Also, yes, Nate is taking credit for this, and appears to be happy as a fly on shit.

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