Friday, April 29, 2005

'Talking F-Word Blues'

Maggie Downs reflects on the word ‘Feminist’ after that being a common thread in emails she got in response to a column.

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  1. Karen, partial birth abortion does exist. There were three major trials that proved that it does exist and is used over the last year. Based on the Roe ruling, that even though these procedures were horrendous and cruel, that by law even they could not be blocked. During the trials, there was testimony by pro choice pain experts that during these procedures, the infant was in horrible pain. Please do not fall into the trap that there is no such procedure done.
    As to the other points, people are not animals. We are called to be more and having sex in a marriage only is called being responsible. When we send out a message that says there is nothing wrong with sex without responsibility, we are singing a very dangerous tune that many today are paying the price for with disease, lonliness, and yes abortion. The do anything that feels good crowd with no responsiblity is a crowd that is smoking something very dangerous. Women today who now understand this are running away from the old feminist story as fast as possible.


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