Tuesday, April 26, 2005

GOP Internal Feud

The extreme right wing is willing toeat their own to create havoc in the U.S. Senate. The CCV and other right-wing Christian groups are running attack ads against Republican Senator Mike DeWine. Are moderate Republicans starting to fret over their Faustian bargain with the radical right wing of the party or have the fundamentalists just taken complete control of the party, and all varied opinion is being drum out, even sitting United States Senators with fairly mainstream Conservative views, not extreme views, which I guess makes him an enemy of the party.

Mike's son Pat is facing the same type of attack from the extreme right wing. The attack ads against Pappa DeWine could be a revenge for his alleged strong arming in local political circles, trying to get his son the GOP nomination to fill the soon to be open Congressional seat of Rob Portman.

"Thou shall not speak ill against a fellow Republican" appears to be a dying GOP Creed.

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