Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Lazy Peter Bronson

I get accused of being a one trick pony with my rapid fire retorts of Peter Bronson (like I am doing with this post) but, what with Bronson's Google tests? I think I get reamed for being all sorts of things, but a "professional journalist" sits on his backside and uses Google stats as props in his columns, not just once:
Google shows 127,000 hits for "Ashcroft racist," 141,000 for "Ashcroft Nazi" and 235,000 for "Ashcroft Big Brother."
But twice
Google found 12,500 hits for "Nixon stonewalling." For Rather, the count was 14,700. Talk about your irony - the comparison looks tighter than skin on a green apple.
within a month. Since when is Google the end all be all of opinion in the world? Peter should stick to a real Conservative Science, rely on talk radio. You can't go wrong if you want to know what the slack jawed Republican, greedy small business owner, or traveling salesman with time on his hand thinks. Just turn on 700 WLW and you get the mood. Leave Google out of it.

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