Monday, April 04, 2005

Jeffre Getting More Press

Justin Jeffre has plenty of celebrity to gain press. He has a website as well which appears to my eyes to be little more than a shell. It is so very stale and impersonal. It really needs some work. It could use his picture. I don't mean that people he is a boyband "star," but people need to put a name to a face. He doesn't even have that. I also would have hoped he would have at least a minimal amount of content on the site when he announces for office. I just get the complete feeling this is nothing but a PR stunt. I really see nothing else to make me think otherwise. The guy can't win.

If he plays this right, he could help the city. He could have a TV show that follows him running for mayor, but then showcases everything about the city. Show him going to a Reds game, going to local clubs and theatres, going to Oktoberfest, or just hanging out at Sawyer Point. He could help with Cincinnati's image. He has to do this without getting in the way of the politics. He can't push the other candidates on the issues with his TV crew in tow. If he wants to be mayor he has to do it the real way, not the reality TV way.

Funny side note, his website has an alternate URL: takes you no where.

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