Friday, April 22, 2005

Kaldi's Closed

In what can't be deemed a surprise, Kaldi's closed. When you give up your liquor license, close at 7 PM, and then expect to make money with a location in the Main Street Entertainment District, it should not shock you when it does not work.

Word is that a deal is close on a new owner who hopefully will get a liquor license, and then return it to a similar, yet improved structure. Speed of the service staff would be priority number 1.


  1. Brian!

    Have you ever operated a restaurant and/or made payroll?

    How often over the past few years have you driven up Main Street at night and viewed all of the establishments?

    Do you think the owner is going to retire to the Riviera with all that she made from Kaldi's?

    Now I am sure that she will entertain an offer from you to buy and operate Kaldi's in the way that you think she should have.

  2. dear kraut,go back to germany!!!

  3. I am just kidding,germany is way to progressive than cincinnati ever was is or will be!!

  4. But seriously folks ,the shooting gallery has moved north up main to coopers .attn all kids from spca

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  6. Kaldi's sucked. It used to be an interesting fun place to go with lots of energy and life. That all slowly faded away into oblivion. It was a dingy, roach infested dump with poor service and bad vibes by the time it closed. The staff went from young and enthusiastic to still young but terrribly depressed and depressing in the time I frequented the joint. I won't even get into the poor service. Sad, it held out so much hope, and it used to be the pride of Over the Rhine's crawl back into cultural relevancy.


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