Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wow Look at All the Choices!

All of the Republicans running for Portman's Seat all I assume think they can win. The two getting into the race are also-rans and seem to be wasting their time. The guy from Mason sounds like a real winner. When you have to describe yourself as morally conservative, either you are playing to the bigot vote, or you have something to hide in your past.

All of these choices and I am not going to vote for any of them. Are we ever going to get a Democrat to announce? It is becoming clearer to me that the Dems have just written this off. It may be just as well. Anyone who currently holds political office would be a fool to charge against this windmill. The money machine will make sure that what ever the Dems do, they will not get much press, or much good press. It is so sad that this becomes a battle between hard core conservatives and extremist conservatives. That is not democracy, that is semantics.

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