Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sam Malone Charged in 1991 with Hitting His Mother

According to the The Cincinnati Post, Councilman Sam Malone was charged with hitting and choking his mother back in 1991 at age 20. the article states he was allowed into an alternative treatment program:
A mental health evaluation recommended treatment for Sam Malone, and he was ordered to attend the YWCA's Amend Batterers Intervention Program. That is an outpatient treatment program that offers individual and group counseling for batterers and their victims.

The program tries to show abusers alternatives to violence. Also, it demands that abusers take responsibility for their actions and learn to handle the anger that often leads to attacks.
It appears Sam did not learn enough through this program. Question: why would a 20 year old get a mental evaluation after a relatively minor offense? What signs where there to warrant such an action?

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