Saturday, May 21, 2005

Changes to WVXU

What was expected appears to be happen WGUC gutting the bulk of local programming on WVXU. May guess is that most of the local talk shows will likely get the axe, as well as most of the old time radio. What we will have left is NPR. The only bright spot I got from the article is a plan to hire a News Director, which signals an effort to create original local news, something that a combine station function could improve. WVXU was trying to expand local news and made a good effort, but if both local news budgets are combined, that should mean more local news programming on WVXU, with none on WGUC. It will be sad to see WVXU torn apart, but as another article suggests, combination of the two radio stations may have helped kept the WVXU signal away from religious and what I would boring programming, that would get dismal ratings, present yet another conservatively biased news source, and provide no community service.

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