Saturday, May 14, 2005

More Conversations

Well, I thought I would have one last conversation post after my week of what some called weed induced rantings or reasons #112 that I need to get laid. Well, since I don't smoke anything, let alone weed, and since well the other issue is just nunabiz, I will take it that my conversation went over like a lead balloon.

You stay the same and people complain, you try something new and people complain. You call bigots, bigots, and people complain. I have learned one thing from my experience, people complain, and like to complain. I think I also learned that people don't like my rantings all that much.

Well, you have not read the last of them! I am going to try and broaden my mind a bit more than I have been. I will try and interject a little more culture into the blog than I have been doing. I don't know how or what, but when I am not posting on current events and you see photos, then you will know.

Keeping things fresh has to be something even I try and do. That is saying a lot, for me.

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