Friday, May 20, 2005

Stand By Your Man, But Not To Close

Michael Barrett proved to us that he is gutless and will not pull the plug on the Malone campaign, at least not now.

He even comes close to defending Malone in his column, which is sad, oh so very sad.
A reporter recently wrote about the faces of abuse victims. The same stares of hopelessness can be seen in prisons and rehab centers across our state on the faces of prisoners and patients. Who or what could have made a difference in their lives? Could tough love have prevented them from ending up on the human scrap heap? I don't know the answer, but I do know that there is no bright-line test for parenting, and whether fair or unfair, the ultimate measure is the child's achievement or failure.
Mr. Barrett, can't we all agree there is a BRIGHT-LINE TEST when it comes to beating your children with a belt? That line is simple, DO NOT DO IT OR GO TO JAIL.

Sure, Sam gets his day in court, and will not likely go to jail, which if the facts are true, I think is a shame because he should spend a least a little time in jail. The community's reaction to him, and certainly his party's, should not be to provide cover for his actions, but to enact a social punishment. That punishment is simple; he should not be given help by his Party, or anyone else, to get back on council. Malone is in a state of denial, and thinks beating your children with a belt is just great, Therefore his classless move of not resigning form council and which would make it easier on his family, friends, and party is additional evidence of why he is unfit for office.

Anyone that gives money or time to the local GOP with Malone as a candidate is in my personal opinion supporting a child abuser and a person with a questionable state of competence to be an elected official, and how is that right? Personal lives are personal (see DeWine and Clinton), but when you beat your kids, you cross that BRIGHT-LINE. Based on the past week of blogging and columns from most around Cincinnati shows that people on both sides of the aisle understand that BRIGHT-LINE that Barrett seems to be missing. I hope the rank and file GOP can help Mr. Barrett find that line.

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