Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Anti-PC Bronson

Fucking Peter Bronson is making a pisshead bigoted desire for hate to be demonstrated by Hollywood. Peter, they are just fucking TV shows. I mean, Jesus Fucking Christ, why would he care who the bad guys are in a God Damn FICTIONAL TV SHOW?

In case you are wondering, yes, I am making sure to swear a fuckload in this post. I do this mock the original Politically Correct movement. Yes, that would be the conservatives and cultural prudes, who don't want to be offend by swear words or sex. It is politically incorrect to say fucking-A-bubba on national TV because that might offend some tight ass fundamentalist, but when a TV network dares to try not offend a group of people by NOT perpetuating stereotypes, Peter Bronson, the anti-PC crusader, goes apeshit. PC is fine for prudes, but not fine for racial or ethnic groups.

Oh, and it is funny when ever Bronson mentions anything about "Balance" in the media while writing in the Enquirer, where there is no local columnist to balance out his biased views. "Balance" has become the word of variable meaning. It now means just means "conservative" instead of meaning coverage that is objective. FOX news is the most unobjective TV News network around and that is the fucking truth.

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