Monday, May 09, 2005

City Cards

CNN had a side story last week on pooling of regional attractions into a discount plan in the form of a car or pass that allows users to get discounts to several places in the area.

The idea is brilliant, but they need to take it one step further, even if it has a certain Disney quality to it. What a better way to market and to steer tourists to the entertainment areas of the city than to have admission bundling. This allows places like the Museum Center, the CAC, and Newport Aquarium to allow users to buy one ticket to all three places for one price, which ends up being a discount over three individual tickets, but it means all three can be a reason for tourist to stay over night in the city, not just an afternoon. This could bring a family from Dayton or even Cleveland to downtown for a couple of days. The tickets could include transportation between each attraction, making it easy for those fearful of city street driving. Throw in a deal somehow with a sporting event, and you really could have a nice little mini-vacation. This type of trip is the only type of tourism that makes sense for areas like Cincinnati.

I would through in Kings Island, but just don't know if the tie in would work. It might work as well as the sporting event, but its location, so far out of town, takes away some of the ease added with downtown transportation. A family could park their car and be shuttled cheaply around the urban core area. Adding a trip out to Mason adds cost that may not work.

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