Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Questions for Summit Country Day School

If you are going to only allow "Catholics in public life" speak at your who school "whose positions run contrary to the church," then I guess you are going to not allow anyone gay, anyone divorced, anyone who has lied, anyone who has killed someone, anyone who supports the death penalty, or anyone who is not Roman Catholic to speak or for that matter work for your school. Those are the teachings of the Catholic Church, so then you are going to screen out everyone who has not broken those rules?

When will Summit Country Day issue a political test to its staff to determine where they stand on these issues? If they don't, are they simply going to ask who they voted for and then judge based on that? That would be an odd split. Which is more important, being anti-abortion or anti-death penalty?


  1. Well the headmaster of the school explained himself in the following:

    I look at this goofy mf and his statement and wonder just what kind of school has Summit become.

    When he talks about promoting a political issue (anti abortion) because that is what the Catholic church wants, I am pissed that I am supporting a belief that I don't agree with with tax dollars. These people are able to grow because they have the money that should be spent on property taxes. While we have to pay more taxes because these people are given a free ride.

    The Catholic church's history doesn't leave me with a feeling that they can teach morality. They certainly have no respect for free speech. What is it that allows them to get a tax exemption?

  2. It's not about free speech. She was extended an honor by a private school that she didn't deserve, and the school revoked it, rightly in my view. Summit isn't forcibly trying to prevent her from speaking about abortion (that's censorship). They simply are not giving her a platform at their school. There's a difference between a privilege and a right, and I believe you've confused them.

    PS Trust me, very few at Summit get a "free ride" -- it's an expensive one, indeed. Sebelius can speak out however she wants on abortion.

    What Summit and the Church are saying is that you cannot vote for every pro-abortion piece of legislation presented to you, publicly proclaim yourself prochoice, and yet have the stamp of approval from the Catholic Church or one of its entities. It makes perfect sense to me and has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech.

  3. So you remove intelligent comments in disagreement with yours? If you require an alias to post on your blog, you should say so.

  4. Please ignore the above comment about deleting posts - it was posted in error. My apologies.


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