Monday, May 02, 2005

Dems Deal Making?

While reading the Post Article on the Dem weekend meeting, which does not even mention the controversy that Damon Lynch will introduce on the party, we get words that sound like a deal or maybe a ramrod plan was forced through to get a full slate of six candidates to add to the incumbents.
During Saturday's closed-door nominating committee meeting, Burke refused to allow the committee to vote on endorsement recommendations for candidates individually, members said.

Burke insisted that the committee vote on two different slates of six non-incumbents.
Anyone know who was on the losing slate? I assume the Berding was the focus, but I will put out that adding Lynch may have been the deal to appease enough people to get them both endorsed.

This meeting was just for recommendations, but they historically have been listened to. This year we could see a fight inside the Dems. What will be sad is if people are only fighting of Jeff Berding and not Damon Lynch. For all of the pounds heaved on Berding, Lynch deserves more and before he gets my vote he will have to eat many words he has said or put his name on and reverse himself on issues he endorsed.

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